We have been successful in providing counseling and advice to other company owners and leaders by passing along our experience and knowledge of how to operate businesses.

We compiled a partial listing of projects below for you to view.


Helped an individual finance the purchase of a restaurant in Oates Plaza, Dallas.


Assisted same individual in sale of the business.


Set up company Technitron International for two partners to import and export with the U.S. technical products from Italy, Germany, India and the UK.


Consulted with client in Victoria, Australia to locate sources of electronic parts and subsystems and supplies in the U.S. to import into Australia.

Negotiated purchase agreements and established contacts for company to offer its products into the U.S. market (Radio Station broadcast and automation). Company dealt with large systems companies in Australia and the Australian Government. Completed several successful transactions for company.


Negotiated an agreement for Berlingeri/Argentina to purchase police squad car computer systems from Sylvania in Palo Alto, CA. Berlingeri worked with Municipal Police and the Federal and State Police in Argentina.


Participated in the organization and growth of Electronic Flo-Meters and served as Executive VP, President, CEO and Chairman until its sale to an NYSE company.

Personally negotiated sale and dealt directly with the Chairman of the Board of the Buyer.


Negotiated the Acquisition of CSC Instruments and served as its President while preparing to merge it into Electronic Flo-Meters (EFM).


Consulting for Microwave Consultants Company (MCC). Served as temporary CFO and Chairman of the Board and Member of the Board of Directors.

Consulted on organization, accounting, accounts receivable (terms and collections) - improving cash flow substantially.

Appointed by Board as Chairman of the Board. Company changed name to Armatek.

Led campaign to raise several million dollars in venture capital.

Presented a new marketing plan to Board and Investors.

Succeeded in fund-raising, and remained as Chairman until a new one could be found and put into place.


Electronic Modules Inc. (EMI), George Shrime. Worked with Shrime to raise venture capital from a Dallas Enterprise.


Breckenridge-Nixon Homes, Inc. – Arranged and secured Financing for a builder of custom luxury homes.


Arranged and secured Financing for land, service station, “C” store – via American National Bank – Sherman, TX.


Associated Mortgage and Financial. Set up Finance Plans for business, real estate, commercial contracts and mortgages with banks and financial institutions. Served as CEO and Chairman of the Board.

Served as liaison between developers, contractors and the financial world arranging financing for land and building acquisitions and development.

Closed and funded over $40,000,000 in mortgages and construction loans.


PCAGE – Computer Systems company. Consulted with owner on finances and the buyout of a partner.


Consulted with Prestige Venture Partners and advised them to wait until they were better established to diversify their business.


Prestige Venture Partners. Returned for advice on acquisition and development of Commercial Property in Terrell, TX. Assisted them as a consultant.

Arranged for a Texas Fund Grant of $750,000 to install infrastructure including water, sewer and streets on 250+ acres of land bordering on I20 near Terrell. Interfaced with City of Terrell, the State of Texas, and the Industrial Development Corporation in Terrell.

Arranged a $400,000 bridge loan to carry the project until it could be sold. Eventually assisted in the selling of the project to an established developer.

Clients made a substantial profit.


Howbazar – Business plan and financing for development and production of security products.


Consulted with KAC (The company provided truck washing services to companies operating fleets of trucks in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana). Addressed all aspects of the business over a 4 year period and provided plans for changes – ultimately assisted in the sale of KAC to a national company.


F&B Technologies – Start-up company developing a line of products to be sold into the Building Materials market.


Consulted with JBC Steel. Advised co-Managers of the company on the process of a leveraged buyout of the principal owner. This buyout was successfully completed.


JBC Steel. Preparation for Sale. Advised owners to work to get financials improved before offering company for sale.

Interfaced with company CPA to structure recasting of financials to better show true values of the company and enhance sales values.

Reviewed monthly financials and backlog to develop better understanding of projected sales.

Advised principals / clients to pay for a valuation of the company and get an appraisal of the real estate.

Collaborated with the other brokers to get a better evaluation of the market.

Company improved its position in the market and had two very successful years – the most successful in companies history. Positioned the company for a sale that would allow the principals to exit with an equitable return on their investment. Owners elected to continue operating the company.


Consulted with a three-generation family-owned Steel Fabricator. Assisted in organization of structure and coaching of 3rd generation leadership.


JBC Steel owners reengaged Associates of Dallas. Arranged for a $500,000 operating line of credit and assisted in increasing the profitability of the company to record setting levels.

Made sales volume forecast and cash flow forecast.

Signed as broker in partnership with Jeff Adam.

Successfully sold the company in March 2016. This sale included a 5 year lease on the property (land and plant) owned by the seller with an option for the buyer of the company to purchase.