About Us

Associates of Dallas

We are interested in and capable of assisting you in growing your company whether your company is a start–up or small or large.

We gained our knowledge regarding how to form and develop companies by founding new organizations and growing them to be successful. We also purchased existing companies and merged them into our own companies.

We became familiar with and developed an understanding of the Banking Industry. We began to expand our companies and required more operating capital to sustain the growth of a business. It is rare that income produced via sales can be collected at a rate that covers the need for operating capital in a growing Company. Therefore an operating line of credit must be set up. This requires building a relationship with one or more banks or financial institutions. The President of a company must understand accounting and be comfortable in analyzing Balance Sheets and Income Statements.

Associates of Dallas recognizes the need for hiring and training skilled employees. It is not practical for the leader of a growing company to attempt to perform all management duties himself. The best practice is to hire skilled and trustworthy employees and have in place job descriptions and an organization chart. Then - the leader (General Manager, President etc.) must DELEGATE!! DELEGATE!! DELEGATE!!

We have developed product lines and sold them across the United States and around the world. We developed an International Network of Representatives in order to cover all of a market.

While leadership is the key to success ---

The strength of a company is impacted by the organizations structure and the clarity of the procedures required to produce a product or a service as well as the capability and training of the personnel involved.

Associates of Dallas has been successful in providing counseling and advice to other company owners and leaders by passing along our experience and knowledge of how to operate businesses. We can assist you regarding the structure and organization of your company and/ or your financial needs. We can, also assist you in selling your business or buying another business.

You can tap into our experience and knowledge by contacting Associates of Dallas at 214-321-0623 or via email at jboykin@assocofdallas.com.

Our History

Partner, Associates of Dallas (AOD) - 1971 to Present
As Senior Partner in AOD, we offer consultation and advice to owners and management regarding business management, organization, financial planning, operations and marketing. Specializing in Structure and Planning (Including Strategic Planning). In addition, select and interface with financial institutions and investors and arrange for capital. Perform Valuations of companies for the purpose of establishing Market value. Buy, Sell, Merge advice.

Chairman and CEO, Associated Mortgage & Financial Inc.(AMF) - 1990-1999
Designed and established funding agreements with banks and other financial institutions as well as private investors. AMF originated, funded and sold loans for single family mortgages and originated and brokered commercial real estate loans totaling more than $40,000,000.

Served as consultant in the areas of operations and finance for a number of small businesses. Assisted in arranging lines of credit and loans for several industries. Identified and located opportunities for investors. Designed and assembled packages for multimillion dollar commercial projects and presented them to derived financial sources. Served as liaison between the borrowers and financial sources.

President and COO, Tokheim Automation Corporation - 1989-1990

Chairman of the Board, Electronic Flo-Meters, Inc. (EFM) - 1970-1989
Executive Vice President and Director of EFM until 1978. During that period was responsible for the Marketing and Production Management as well as International Sales.

Became President and CEO in 1978 and in 1979 was named Chairman of the Board.

During 1979 acquired 100% ownership of EFM by purchasing outstanding shares from the estate of a partner and from foreign corporation. EFM became widely recognized in the Oil and Gas marketplace.

The EFM Client List included many of the major oil and gas companies, domestically and internationally. In 1988 negotiated the sale of the company to Tokheim (NYSE). Continued to serve as President until November, 1989.

Product Manager - Teledyne Geotech - 1959-1970
Began in 1959 as Project Engineer and was responsible for systems design and project management. Managed major programs in US and overseas. In 1965 was named Product Manager. Under his direction, sales were expanded and the international marketplace was penetrated.

Field Crew Member - Space Corporation - 1957-1959
Was part of a crew responsible for retrofitting jet engine test cells on Air Force installations.

Engineering Department - General Electric - 1953-1957
Worked with others in the Engineering Department assembling, modifying and testing armament systems for military aircraft.


Jesuit College Preparatory - Dallas, TX.
St. Benedicts College - Atchison, KS. (Pre-Engineering)
Arlington State College, now University of Texas at Arlington - Arlington, TX. (Engineering)
Southern Methodist University - Dallas, TX. (Engineering, Math and Physics, Management and Marketing)

Accomplishments and Acknowledgements

Director, Armatek, Inc. - 1986-1991
Director, CSC Instruments - 1976-1978
American Gas Association - Transmission Measurement Committee
Chairman, Manufacturers Advisory Committee for Gas Research Institute Measurement Research Facility
Lecturer on Measurement Systems in the US and abroad
Instrument Society of America
Who's Who in America
Who's Who in Finance
Who's Who in Texas
Who's Who in South
Personalities of the Bicentennial Era
Inducted into the Sports Hall of Fame, Jesuit College Preparatory - 2001
Named Distinguished Alumnus, Jesuit College Preparatory - 2004
Member of Board - Soul's Harbor

Executive Positions Held


Executive Vice President and Director
Electronic Flo-Meters, Inc. (EFM)


President and Director
CSC Instruments


President and Director


Chairman, President and CEO


President and COO
Tokheim Automation


MCC and Armatek, Inc.


Chairman and CEO
Associated Mortgage & Financial, Inc.


President, Finance Board
St. Bernard of Clairvaux Catholic Church


President, Alumni Association
Jesuit College Preparatory


Member, Alumni Executive Board
Jesuit College Preparatory


Chairman, Sports Hall of Fame
Jesuit College Preparatory


President, Letterman's Club
Jesuit College Preparatory


Senior Partner
Associates of Dallas


Business Structuring and Foundation
  • Formation of Business
  • Capitalization of Business
  • Organization of Business
  • Advise on Buying, Selling and Merging Businesses
  • Liquidation of Business
Internal Company Strategies
  • Business Strategies
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Financial Strategies
  • Operational Planning/ Budgeting
  • Strategic Planning
  • Long Range Planning
Business Positioning in the Marketplace
  • Positioning
  • Posturing
  • Regional/ National Marketing
  • International Marketing
  • Streamlining Organizations/ Restructuring
Financial Positioning and Management
  • Interface with Financial Institutions
  • Financing Commercial Real Estate and Capital Equipment
  • Leverage Buy-outs
  • Interfacing with Venture Capital Sources
  • Structuring Compensation Plans
Executive Management and Consultation
  • Filling Temporary Positions as Chairman, CEO, COO, CFO
  • Interface/ Mediate with Board of Directors and Shareholders on Behalf of Management
  • Interface/ Mediate with Management on Behalf of Board of Directors and Shareholders
  • Negotiating
  • Make or Buy Management
  • Top-Level and Mid-Level Management


Executive Management
  • Founding and initial organization of companies
  • Leader in developing, selling, acquiring, and merging companies
  • Held positions of Chairman, CEO, COO, President, Executive Vice President, Vice President, Director, CFO and Senior Partner
Sales and Marketing
  • Designed advertising materials
  • Designed sales literature
  • Designed catalogs
  • Selected, trained, managed regional sales managers
  • Selected, trained, managed manufacturer's representatives
  • Designed and implemented sales incentive programs
  • Selected promotional programs and products
  • Traveled to all fifty states in the U.S. and many foreign countries implementing marketing and sales programs
  • Designed and directed major sales presentations
  • Developed and implemented pricing strategies
  • Interfaced with advertising and promotional companies
  • Designed and coordinated booths, backdrops and other material for national and international exhibits
  • Participated in national and international exhibits
  • Designed electrical, electronic and electromechanical products and systems
  • Supervised design, fabrication, assembly, test, field installation and start-up of electronic and electromechanical systems
  • Designed and conducted training programs in U.S. and abroad
  • Managed engineering staff including electronic and mechanical engineers
  • Authored technical papers and made presentations at national and international seminars
General Management

Selected, organized and directed middle management teams responsible for:

  • Human Resources
  • Quality Assurance
  • Engineering
  • Sales/ Marketing
  • Manufacturing
  • Operations
  • Finance/ Accounting
  • Legal Support

Selected and served as liaison with:

  • Banks and other Financial Institutions
  • Investors
  • Venture Capital Firms
  • Shareholders
  • Legal Advisors
  • Certified Public Accountants
  • Members of Board of Directors

Directed and participated in the design and construction of office, plant and grounds for manufacturing facilities

Co-authored and negotiated an Industrial Revenue Bond (IRB) program to finance capital equipment and facilities

Initiated and implemented programs for operational and strategic planning

Negotiated loans and operating lines of credit

Negotiated purchase and Integration of several companies

Negotiated the sale of companies

Negotiated the purchase of land, buildings, and capital equipment

Negotiated leases for space and equipment

Proactive in Make-or-Buy decisions

  • Served as product manager over a product line with more than thirty discrete technical products
  • Developed a product line with more than twenty products
  • Responsible for the development and management of complete manufacturing drawing packages
  • Established a design review procedure to track product evolution from development to production
  • Developed management and supervisory teams for machine shop and electronic fabrication shop
  • Participated in the selection and arrangement of capital equipment and facilities